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“La Mer en musique” Competition
“Eric Serra Grand Prix”

The “La Mer en Musique” competition, Grand Prix Eric Serra » is organized in Cavalaire -sur -Mer, each year, as part of the “Passion Méditerranée” Festival which takes place  the third weekend of September.

The 2024 edition will take place from  September 13 to 15, under the sponsorship of a prestigious figure: Eric SERRA, musician, actor and producer. Eric Serra will also be  President of the jury of the “La Mer en Musique” Competition.


This competition, created at the initiative of Christian PETRON in 2023, aims to promote the creation of music for films about the sea and the marine world,  to encourage meetings between composers and other actors in this profession (directors, producers, agents) in order to help  young musicians to make themselves known in the world of film production.

This competition consists of participating in two musical illustration tests of two required video clips. One for original music and the other for sound illustration.

The five best achievedtions of these two clips will be nominated and their authors will present their creations; in Cavalaire to participate in the final selection. This selection will determine the winner who will receive the “Grand Prix Eric Serra” trophy from Cavalaire as well as a check for 1000 Euros.

This competition is open to all composers, of all ages and all styles, across Europe.

There are no registration fees.

Original music

Silent clip "a free dive" by Jérôme Espla - Poisson lune productions

Original Music Test, 2024

clip_compétition_apnee-2024 (1080p)
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Sound illustration

Silent clip by director Christian Petron -Productions Cinémarine- illustrating underwater life 

Sound Illustration Test 2024.

clip__competition_illustration_sonore_2024 (2160p)
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Find the press release of the international music competition “La Mer en Musique – Grand Prix Eric Serra”

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